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ROBOPLANET makes innovation in the aeronautical maintenance


Following a call for projects on aeronautical maintenance, won in 2019 from the AID (Defense Innovation Agency).

ROBOPLANET is engaged this year 2020 in the realization of the project, as mentioned in the article below:


ROBOPLANET concludes an agreement with TOTAL ENERGIES.


ROBOPLANET signs a multi-year agreement with Total Energies SE to develop innovative solutions for the inspection of hard-to-reach equipment.


TAURUS, the new drone for remote wall thickness measurement


ROBOPLANET and PILGRIM TECHNOLOGY are proud to present TAURUS, the drone for wall thickness measurement.

Every inspection companies and asset owners have now a reliable and yearly-demonstrated technology to provide safe, time-saving and high precision equipment.

Access the dedicated page here.

TAURUS is now being demonstrated in leading companies sites in France and abroad. You can set up a demonstration now by contacting us.



ROBOPLANET wins a new robotic Defense public market


Continuing a long term partnership between ROBOPLANET and the French Ministry of Defense, the company has won a new public market on October, 2017.

The specific know-how of the company in rugged robotics will be involved for an innovative and a very challenging purpose.
If the ultimate purpose of the project stays undisclosed, it concerns a new vision of engagements that will significally change the undertaking on the battlefield.

Initiated in 2012, ROBOPLANET and the French MoD develop new innovative robots and crawlers. Knowledge acquired during those R&D programs are transferred by the company to industrials sectors, such as Oil&Gas, heavy industry, and various operations in hostile environements.


ROBOPLANET technologies presentation at NDT forum


Thursday novembre 17th, ROBOPLANET presented their robotic solutions at the technical forum "NDTs in naval industries" (link), organised bythe french's society of NDT COFREND at La Rochelle.

We were glad to expose the problematics we face in marine structures inspection, the limits of state-of-the-art measurements, and the solutions we develop to increase corrosion detection and profitability of controls.


First, the HERMINE scanner, for 100% ultrasonic inspection of painted steel plates,

and ALTISCAN, a remote operated tool for ultrasonic inspection of large surfaces.


The full presentation is available in french here.

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