1. Turnkey solution
  2. Continuous acquisition (B-scan)
  3. Rugged and weatherproof equipment
  4. Strong magnetic hold
  5. Uncompromised ultrasonic resolution

Data Sheet



Inspections operations implies work at heights and risks, especially on storage tanks. To secure these interventions, improve the quality of controls, and facilitate operations, ROBOPLANET has developed the crawler ALTISCAN.

This equipment benefits from the feedback and continuous improvement of ALTISCAN users, including the INSTITUT DE SOUDURE, MISTRAS, SGS, INNOSPECTION, and on a close partnership with TOTALENERGIES.

It was initially developed for inspections with API653, DT94, CODRES standards.


ALTISCAN is equipped with military grade magnetic wheels. These wheels ensure adhesion to the magnetic wall with a force 10 times greater than its weight.

Thanks to such adhesion, this robot can be used in all weather conditions, including rain and strong wind, as well as on difficult surfaces (grease, foam, etc.).
It is equipped with a straight-pinion transmission that protects the robot from any transmission belt breakage, or premature aging of the motors during shocks against the welds.

It is a lightweight robot (7 kgs) and easy to transport on the fields and through the obstacles of plants.

The robot is controlled from the ground by a joystick.
It moves in all directions at 12m/minute.
Once at the position decided by the controller, it begins the scan of the tank.
Scans can be punctual measurements (A-scan), or continuous acquisitions with a recording of measurements 1 measure/cm in correlation of the distance driven (B-scan).
To complete the thickness measurements recorded by the crawler, the UT controller can install a camera to have a direct video feedback.
This module helps him to differentiate to cross welds, avoid obstacles or to see the plate surface and painting conditions.

Once the data is acquired, the exploitation is facilitated by DATAREPORT software that automatically detects the lower measures and helps the expert in the selections of data. If the controller knows the original thickness of the plate, the software can eliminate all unsure or aberrant measurements.

This equipment has been the subject of 3 mechanical evolutions and 7 software evolutions since its launch in 2015.
Today, ALTISCAN is deployed by more than 20 control providers and manufacturers, and has controlled more than 1500 tanks.

Our team continues to evolve it according to feedback from the field, arriving from Scotland to Greece.


It is designed and manufactured in France.


  1. IP67 magnetic crawler deployable in all weather conditions except thunderstorm.
  2. Military grade magnetic system.
  3. Speed: 12m/minute.
  4. Rotation on itself, without marking homogeneous paints.
  5. Minimum diameter of the tank: 2 meters.
  6. Length of the umbilical: 30m.
  7. Weight: 7 Kgs.


Measurement system:

  1. Ultrasonic sensor: Dual I/R 5Mhz.
  2. Software: single-echo or multi-echo thickness measurement.
  3. Do not take into account the thickness of paint.
  4. Signal processing: adjustable gain control, gate, voltage, pulse duration, ...
  5. 100 measurements per second.
  6. Positioning of measurements.
  7. Excel report (. CSV), A-SCAN punctual measurements, B-SCAN continuous measurements, automated reporting.


Command & piloting:

  1. Joystick control.
  2. Driving software installable on rugged PC (internet, office pack, usb integrated).
  3. Maintenance and update in France.


On-demand customization:

  1. On-board camera.
  2. Multi detectors.
  3. Underwater inspection.
  4. Visual customization.
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