Magnetic crawler
for storage tank inspections

  •  Rainproof, windproof, dustproof
  •  A-scan + B-scan + video camera
  •  12 meters/minute
  •  On-site demonstration available worldwide





ALTISCAN is a new generation magnetic crawler, developed for thickness measurement on storage tanks.

Based on a military-grade magnetic crawler, this innovative robot has been developed to reduce inspection time on storage tanks, ships, and large surfaces of steel.


A reliable magnetic crawler, for hard weathers

With its patented magnetic system, ALTISCAN moves at 12 meters/min on vertical plates.

This rugged vertical climber also works under rain, wind, and degraded surfaces.

See it rolling under the rain, in the video tab.


A user-focused acquisition software

Its embarked electronics delivers continuous thickness measurement up to 5 measure by cm.

Thicknesses measures are saved and displayed in a simple interface in Ascan, Bscan.


Automatic B-scan generator

Inspection report in automatically generated and displays max, min and average thickness measures by plate.

Its ultra-portable battery & electronics (4 kgs) is easy to carry in the field with a large autonomy (1 day).

It complies with API653, EEMUA 159, and CODRES procedures.


ALTISCAN preserve the life of rope access controllers, and the budgets of the scaffholding prescriptors.


In normal conditions, 2 operators equiped with ALTISCAN can inspect 4 to 7 storage tanks by day, or 1 000 meters of linear inspection.


Contact us today for a live demonstration on your site.



Carrier :

  • IP65 magnetic crawler
  • Max speed (while inspection) : 12m/min
  • Self rotating
  • Military grade magnetic
  • Umbilical lengh : 30m
  • Weight : 7 Kgs.


Measuring equipment :

  • Ultrasonic sensor : separated E/R 5Mhz.
  • Signal processing : gain control, tension, filters, ...
  • A-scan and B-Scan visualisation.
  • Positionned measures
  • Signal regeneration possibility after inspection
  • Standard .CSV report with A-SCAN included, B-SCAN on .jpg, automatised reporting.


Driving :

  • Joystick operated
  • Software on rugged computer (internet, office, USB compatible)


Service :

  • On site formation
  • Remote assistance
  • Maintenance & reparation in short term


Options :

  • Embarked camera for structure inspection
  • Underwater (10m) seal
  • Visual customisation (user's logo)
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