Ultrasonic Pole for Wall Thickness Measurement

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement up to 12 meters


  • Save the scaffholding, cherrypicker & rope access freed


  • A-scan, B-scan, 100 measures/m




Many wall thickness measures are performed at 15 meters height in the offshore, refining, maritime and extraction industries.

According a recent review in the Oil&Gas industry, when a NDT control requires access means above 3 meters, the overall preparation time, risk and cost is multiplied per 3.


Because those NDT intervention require scaffholding, cherrypickers, or rope access, a specific prevention plan must be taken. Additionnal coactivity is created on site, additionnal risks during the installation and use of the collective protection means are generated.


UT_POLE easy the way WTM measurements are performed. ROBOPLANET aims to reduce the risks, increase the speed of the controls, save money for the asset owner, to perform more wall thickness measures and more profitable operations for the service supplier.

UT_POLE is specifically pertinent for the usual painful cases in the tank inspections : riveted tanks, stainless stell tanks, unsure tank roofs, above stiffener area, coating-damaged tanks, internal heat-insulated tanks, etc.

Many other controls can be "specific access means" freed using the UT_Pole, including pipe-racks, columns, hoppers, stacks, etc.

Vector :
  • Max height : 12m.
  • Fibercarbon reinforced pole.
  • Safe magnetic probe holder
  • Integrated coupling
  • B-scan encoder
  • Gas detector fixation
  • Live-stream video


Wall thickness :

  • A-scan + B-scan + specific algorythm-based max detection
  • Windows OS tablet display (PANASONIC)
  • 100 measures per meter
  • Outstanding signal-on-noise ratio


Use cases :

  • Tank roofs
  • Above stiffener area
  • Riveted tanks
  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Heat-insulated tanks
  • columns
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Stacks
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