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ROBOPLANET receives in July 2022 the MASE certificate


The MASE certification delivered by France Chimie embodies our commitment to the risk management of our activities. It guarantees customers the quality of our management on the themes of Health, Safety and Environment.

“The foundation of our activity is safety. First of all, the operator’s safety to whom we provide robotic and automated equipment, to limit the risk exposure during their interventions. Then, the asset owner’s to whom we provide more representative and reliable inspection reports, to allow better management of their industrial facilities. MASE certification reinforces these commitments.” Jean-Marie Brussieux, General Manager of ROBOPLANET.

R&C award

ROBOPLANET receives the TOTALENERGIES Innovation Award


In December 2021, for the second year in a row, ROBOPLANET won the innovation award at TOTAL ENERGIES' R&C Awards for its robot UT_Rover which allows remote control of storage tank roofs.

The UT_Rover was qualified during an inspection campaign on floating roof tanks in service. Its purpose is to limit the exposure of operators to risks (EX areas, confined spaces, unsure roofs), while allowing optimal control quality. The UT_Rover can be controlled remotely, from a secure area with a range of 80 meters for thickness measurement and 1 km for visual inspection.


Corrosion detection under insulation: GRT Gaz project win


ROBOPLANET wins the call for projects organized by GRT GAZ on the evaluation of the state of the art of corrosion detection through insulation.

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a major issue for industry and the transport of liquids and gases, due to the high cost of removing the insulation, the limits of visual inspection, significant lengths of exposed pipes, and access constraints.


This project runs from March to December 2019.

It includes a qualification phase of representative samples in the workshop, then a tests campaign in real conditions in a compressor station.

The deliverable consists of a state of the art of innovative techniques on this application, their performance measured and applied to the transport of gas in a compressor station.

Impulse Lab

ROBOPLANET pitched at the incubator: Impulse Partners


On Monday 19th of September, Jean-Marie Brussieux presented ROBOPLANET's strategy to the jury of the Impulse Partners incubator.
The state of the art, the expectations of asset owners, technical and commercial orientations: industrial partners and investors reviewed the perspectives of the mobile robotics company.

ROBOPLANET's performance was praised by the jury. It should result with the first technical collaborations in the coming months.

Eau de Paris

EAUX de PARIS: Roboplanet rewarded by the Innovation Trophy


ROBOPLANET wins the call for projects organized by the EAUX de PARIS to evaluate the thickness of drinking water pipes without exposing the operators.


The drinking water pipes of the city of Paris represent about 2,050km of pipe.

These conducts date mainly from the nineteenth century.

The objective of this call for projects is to provide EDP with an innovative solution capable of assessing the integrity of these pipes without intervention in the sewers, reducing excavation work, their impact on public service and urban traffic.

It focuses on grey cast iron pipes, 150mm diameter, with compatibility with food standards.

The proposed technical solution is based on a mobile carrier inside the pipes, capable of carrying out thickness measurements.

The deliverable consists of a prototype qualified in real conditions reproduced in the workshop, then on the network.

The project closes in June 2020.

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