• The fastest tank crawler available
  • The safest crawler available
  • Uncompromized signal on noise ratio

Data Sheet



ALTISCAN V1.3 aims to change the standard of storage tanks inspection.


NDT operators are tired of slipping and falling crawlers, bas signal on noise ratio, heavy batteries and frequent maintenance issues.

For 8 years, ROBOPLANET has been providing magnetic crawlers to the market, aiming to kill those daemons.

After 4 generations, ALTISCAN has reached an uncompromized level of technology, robustness and comfort of use.


  • Falling can no more be tolerated

The ALTISCAN military-grade magnetic wheels allow operations under heavy rain, strong wind, and hard surfaces.
A camera with live display helps the operator to avoid any collision with the roof and pipes.


  • No time to spend carrying and repairing overweight umbilicals

ALTISCAN embarks a certified UT electronics inside. For maintenance purpose, its umbilical is limited to a water duct and a 6 wires umbilical. A <1kg battery inside the drum allow 8 hours of operation, plus additional batteries field swappable. The 7 kgs crawler is easy to transport through the stairs of plants.


  • The good maintenance is no maintenance

ALTISCAN is fied maintainable in a LEGO-like design, with one single screwdriver.


  • Exceptionnal UT performances

Live A-scan & B-scan are displayed and recorded on a computer. .CSV reports can be automatically filled by the robot during the acquisition.
An office software allow to post-process all A-scan datas (gates, gain, etc) and generated .JPG Bscans.


  • BONUS : remote operation :

Your field rookie is not sure about a delamination? Your experienced NDT supervisor can not be on every site? 
ALTISCAN can be connected to Teams, from a 4G (Ex) phone. UT signal can be supervised from everywhere.

ALTISCAN is now deployed by more than 20 companies providers, with more than 2 000 tanks successfully inspected.

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  1. IP54 to IP67 magnetic crawler.
  2. Military grade magnetic wheels.
  3. Speed: 12m/minute.
  4. Rotation 360° on outdoor coatings.
  5. Curvature : inside 2 meters to outside 2 meters tanks.
  6. Length of the umbilical: 30m.
  7. Weight: 7 Kgs.


Ultrasonics :

  1. Sensor: Dual cristal 5Mhz 13mm (1/2 inch).
  2. Software: Single-echo or Multi-echo thickness measurement.
  3. Signal processing: adjustable gain control, gate, voltage, pulse duration, ...
  4. 1 measure per cm.
  5. Excel automatic report generation (. CSV),
  6. B-SCAN .jpg reports.



  1. Embarked camera.
  2. Water tank + pump + potentiometer.
  3. Visual customization.
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