1. Turnkey solution
  2. Remotely controllable and fast
  3. Rugged and weatherproof equipment
  4. Exceptional magnetic hold
  5. Ultrasonic signal without compromise

Data Sheet



The ALTISCAN V2 allows our partners to perform fast and high-quality non-destructive testing (NDT), while freeing the operator from the constraints related to access means (work at heights, scaffolding, cherry-picker, rope access).

This new crawler benefits from the feedback of previous generations and their uses by our partners across Europe, since 2014.


  1. Is a turnkey solution integrating the carrier, the complete ultrasonic chain and the data acquisition & processing software (DATASCAN & DATAREPORT).
  2. Is remotely controllable thanks to its wireless connectivity with a range of 80m. Data monitoring and verification can be carried out anywhere in the world with a simple internet connection. It can perform a B-Scan at 20cm/second.
  3. Is a hardened and weatherproof equipment. It has been developed to be used in all weather conditions (rain, wind, snow) and in harsh industrial environments (petrochemicals, chemicals, cement plants, sugar mills, paper mills, nuclear, naval, etc.). The absence of umbilical reduces the risk of breakdowns related to its wear.
  4. Has an exceptional magnetic hold of 135kg for a weight of 14kg. This makes it possible to deploy it safely, especially on degraded areas or during the crossing of horizontal welds. Belaying the equipment remains recommended.
  5. Has an ultrasonic signal without compromise due to the special design of its sensor box and the use of water as coupling, which allows by the adjustment of its flow, a much better signal on noise ratio.


The needs of field operators are increasing, standards are changing and technology is evolving with ALTISCAN.


  1. IP67 magnetic crawler deployable in all weather conditions except thunderstorm.
  2. Remotely controllable from anywhere in the world.
  3. 135 kg magnetic hold.
  4. Speed: 20cm/second.
  5. Rotation on itself, without marking homogeneous paints.
  6. Weight: 14 Kgs.


Measurement system:

  1. Ultrasonic sensor: Dual E/R 5Mhz.
  2. Software: single-echo or multi-echo thickness measurement.
  3. Do not take into account the thickness of the paint.
  4. Signal processing, adjustable gain control, gate, voltage, pulse duration, ...
  5. 100 measurements per second.
  6. Positions of measurements.
  7. Excel report (. CSV), A-SCAN punctual measurements, B-SCAN continuous acquisition, automated reporting.


Command & piloting:

  1. Joystick control, use of a rugged PC or tablet.
  2. Data collection and processing software.
  3. Maintenance and update in France.


On-demand customization:

  1. On-board camera.
  2. Multi detectors.
  3. Visual customization.
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