•  100 m range for ultrasonic testing.


  •  Adaptable to the inspection needs.


  •  Reduce risk exposure, safer interventions.


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The UT_Rover answer the safety needs of our partners during their NDT operations on unsafe or unsure aeras. Its unique remote ability ease inspections by limiting or suppressing the risks exposure.

The UT_Rover is a HSE revolution for unsure roofs inspections. With a range of 100 meters for UT and 1 Km for VT, it was developed for inservice floating roof tanks and unsure fixed roof tanks.

With different modules to adapt the rover to your inspection needs, perform VT, UT with A-scan or B-scan for the ground, A-scan module for manholes, and a combination of brushes for moss removal.

The UT_Rover was qualified on the field in the petrochemical industry.

Carrier :

  • Remotely controllable rover.
  • IP67 usable during all weather conditions, except thunderstorm.
  • 100 meters range for ultrasonic testing.
  • 1 Km range for visual testing.
  • Weight : 14 Kgs.


Measurement system :

  • Ultrasonic sensor : dual Emission/Reception, 5Mhz.
  • Software : single or multiple echo thickness measurement.
  • Automated painting thickness suppression.
  • Signal processing : adjustable gain, gates, tension, impulsion time,...
  • 100 measures by second.
  • Measurements positioning.
  • Excel report (.CSV), ponctual measurements A-SCAN, continuous measurements B-SCAN, automated repport.


Optional customisation :

  • On-board camera.
  • Vertical probe.
  • Multi-probe.
  • Brush module.
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