•  Suppress the risks and reduce the procedures and the cost associated to work at heights.
  •   A-Scan and B-Scan, VT up to 12m.
  •  Relevant for low thickness / unknow roofs.
  •  <12m tanks : 3 times faster than rope access.


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When it's about work at heights, HSE requirements and cost arise.

The UT_Pole brings a multitude of opportunities to increase safety and productivity in non destructive testing (NDT) operations. .


Brilliant by its simplicity of use, the UT_Pole is the reliable and low maintenance solution wich helps service providers to perform controls in various weather conditions and plates rugosity. Reach above stiffeners, complex geometry plates, unsure roof tank, inside insulated tank shell or even pipes and columns.

Those operations are operable from the ground with a limited training. Perform visual testing, UT with A-scan or B-scan with an integrated software for data registration and analysis.


Keep a step ahead with the UT_Pole.  

Carrier :

  • Telescopic pole designed for safe UT probe carriage.
  • IP67 usable during all weather conditions, except thunder.
  • Custom magnetic system safe up to 12m height.
  • 12 meters of vertical or horizontal deployment, 11 from the roof.
  • Signal range : 150m.
  • Weight : 2 Kgs.


Measurement system :

  • Ultrasonic sensor : dual crystal, 5Mhz.
  • Software : single or multiple echo thickness measurement (trough coating).
  • Signal processing : adjustable gain, gates, tension, etc,...
  • 1 measure per centimeter
  • Measurements localisation on a single axis.
  • Excel report (.CSV), ponctual measurements A-SCAN, continuous measurements B-SCAN, automated repport.


Optional customisation :

  • On-board camera.
  • Multi-sensors.
  • Underwater inspection.
  • Visual customisation.


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